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Buying a house

5. Energy Certificate (Certificado Energético)

This must be submitted by the property owner along with the purchase agreement.

6. Proof of prior payment of the Municipal Tax on Property Transactions involving valuable consideration

(Guia comprovativo do pagamento prévio do Imposto Municipal de Transações Onerosas de Imóveis)

7. Photocopies of the ID cards (or equivalent identity document) and of the taxpayer cards of the contracting parties

8. Exhibition of a power of attorney if any party is represented by a proxy

Keep in mind that situations may arise in which the so-called legal pre-emption right may apply to the property in question, which may be exercised by the City Council or by the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage, in the case of the sale of classified property or property pending classification or located in protected zones.
In these situations, you must obtain proof from the City Council or the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage that they have waived their respective legal pre-emption right (comprovativo da renúncia).
  • At any notary office - By entering into a public document, which is then obligatorily sent for registration at a Land Registry Office.

  • At a Casa Pronta Service Desk - "Casa Pronta” is a one-stop service desk where you can carry out all operations relating to purchasing and selling property. At this desk it is possible to pay taxes, enter into the respective contracts, immediately make any registrations, request exemptions from the payment of municipal property taxes and request a change to tax domicile, etc. You can find an up-to-date list of land registry offices and services where the "Casa Pronta" service desk is available on the website.

  • Other methods - through lawyers, chambers of commerce and industry or solicitors; through the Association of Real Estate Mediation Professionals and Companies (Porto, Coimbra, Lisbon and Vilamoura), provided that the service is requested by an associated company; through any of the real estate mediation companies forming part of the "Casa Pronta” service desk service.
Property purchases are concluded with a registration entry in the Land Registry Office. A certificate to prove ownership of the property is issued along with this registration entry.

Tables of notary and property registration costs can be found on the website of the Institute of Registers and Notaries.


Source: APEMIP
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